InGenius Prep

MyGuru is a boutique tutoring and test Prep company powered by a small team of expert tutors with undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees from top universities in the U.S. Each has at least 3 years of tutoring and teaching experience, and if they are tutoring for standardized tests, a 95th percentile score. We believe we have the best available tutors and that through our systematic process of understanding each student’s unique situation and building long term partnerships with our tutors, we can facilitate extremely high quality tutor-student relationships. Our team also has a particular perspective about the learning process – when students Prepare and practice deliberately using customized study plans with specific, direct feedback from expert teachers and tutors, almost anyone can build skills in English, Math, Physics, or anything else that don’t come “naturally” to them. In other words, we don’t help you work with the intelligence you have, we help you build it over time.