There are many different roles and responsibilities in admissions offices at American universities. In order to understand what a Former Admissions Officer is, and what it is not, we have put together a list of the different jobs that exist in admissions offices. By reading these job descriptions, you will see that even though they work in or with the admissions office and have “Admissions” in their job titles, the people in some of the jobs below have never, and will never, read an application, participate on the Admissions Committee, or make an admissions decision. We encourage you to read carefully: The below roles, often misrepresented as Former Admissions Officers,  are not FAOs:

  • Admission Ambassadors: Responsible for helping the Admission Office recruit students through phone calls, online chatting, emails, in-person meetings, or recruitment events. Admission Ambassadors are usually current students from the university to which they are recruiting students.
  • Admission Representatives: Responsible for providing guidance to applicants. They answer students’ questions and concerns about the application and financial aid through phone calls, online platforms, college fairs, and other recruitment events. They also conduct introductory assessments of prospective students to evaluate students’ qualifications.
  • Admission Interviewers: Voluntarily conduct interviews with applicants from their regions and submit Interview Report to the Admission Office. The Admissions Committee considers the Interview Report as part of the admission process, but it rarely changes admission decisions. Interviewers are, in most cases, alumni of the schools for which they are interviewing.

These are Former Admissions Officers:

  • Admission Officers: Responsible for reading applications, evaluating students’ profiles and qualities, and making final admissions decisions as members of the Admissions Committee. They also organize recruitment events to reach out to prospective students.
  • Directors of Admission: Manage the staff in Admission Office and monitor the recruitment and admission process. They report to university presidents and work with other department heads to design admission criteria and enrollment policies.
  • Assistant Directors of Admission: Responsible for coordinating and reviewing admissions activities at their university, developing and reaching enrollment goals, training other staff members, overseeing admissions processes, and making admissions decisions.
  • Associate Directors of Admission: Reports to the Director of Admissions and assists with every aspect of the admissions and recruitment process. They also evaluate applicant files and make admissions decisions, supervise the staff members, and manage marketing material.

Deans of Admission: Provides strategic direction and leadership for a results-oriented admissions and financial aid program that is consistent with the goals and missions of universities. They represent the admissions office, both internally and externally.

Selecting a company and team to help you throughout the admissions process is a big family decision, as there are many routes to take and options to consider: some choose to go it alone, some choose the company that employs current students or graduates of American undergraduate schools, some families choose the agency who writes the entire application for the student, and others choose the American company with Former Admissions Officers and top graduate students. Which one would you choose?

Though paying someone to write your entire application may seem like the easiest route to take, doing so is extremely detrimental to a student’s education, admissions chances, and reputation. Admissions officers can spot fake applications immediately. They can tell that the essays are written by adults, pick up on inconsistencies, and have even seen the same applications submitted by someone else in years prior. If a fake application is identified, in addition to throwing it away, admissions officers have also been known to call admissions officers at other schools to which the student is applying to tell them about their findings. This is a huge reason why Chinese acceptance rates are so low, as fraudulent applications affect innocent students too! If admissions officers have even the slightest doubt about an application’s authenticity, they just will throw it in the trash and turn to the hundreds of other equally qualified students to choose from. This practice ends up hurting students and totally contradicts our educational values and company ethics.
For the hard-working, qualified, and independent student, embarking on the application journey alone may seem doable. However, even the brightest or most self-reliant students have no idea what qualities, experiences, and values American admissions officers are looking for in applications or just how rigorous the admissions process really is.
Working with Harvard college freshmen may sound appealing, but in reality, these students generally have no idea why they got in and offer no ability or understanding to replicate their success for your child. College students or recent college graduates are also less mature and their teaching ability, especially in writing, is untested.
Imagine you could work with anyone on your college or graduate school application. What would their qualifications and experiences be? They would be intimately familiar with admissions, personally know the process at each school you or your child is applying to, and know the specific preferences of each school, but they would not be restricted by school policies from actually sharing candidly these insights. By working with a Former Admissions Officer—someone who literally sat in the admissions office, read thousands of applications, debated over applicants with his or her colleagues, and ultimately decided whether students were accepted or rejected—you get to strategize, build, and perfect your candidacy and application directly with the people who shaped classes at top schools. You get direct access to the knowledge, expertise, and insights of someone who knows, from experience, exactly what admissions officers are looking for, and equally as important, what they are not looking for in applications. You put yourself in the position to tailor your application to individual schools, based on the advice of someone who actually worked there. There is literally no one else more qualified to best help you or your child—no one else has these admissions insights, no one else understands the process as it actually runs, no one else you should even consider working with.
As such, InGenius Prep is peerless in the market. There is objectively no other organization in the world with counselors with the same experiences and qualifications as those of InGenius Prep counselors. Likewise, there is objectively no other organization in the world with even 20% of the number of Former Admissions Officers that InGenius Prep employs to work exclusively with its students. Having the world’s largest team of Former Admissions Officers in the world from the world’s best schools is not just a marketing point… it is core to the InGenius philosophy and pedagogically important for two reasons: (1) InGenius Prep can provide a systematic overview of the process at each school, which can vary dramatically, and offer admissions insights and strategy at each individual selective school or program (2) InGenius Prep boasts the lowest student-to-Former Admissions Officer ratio in the world in order to ensure highly personalized and customized mentoring attention to its students and families. When you work with InGenius Prep, you are not working with secretaries who worked in the admissions office or alumni interviewers. You are working with the people who designed and ran the admissions processes at the most competitive schools around. No matter which university you aspire to, if you want to achieve your goals and outperform your odds, our Former Admissions Officers are here to help.
If you attend admissions events or information sessions, you have the opportunity to listen to and speak with current admissions officers. Though you may think you hit the jackpot, you will quickly notice that current admissions officers are restricted in what they can and cannot say. They want to be helpful, of course, but have to ensure that internal policies are kept, well, internal. They cannot divulge inside information on their processes and decisions. On the other hand, Former Admissions Officers are not in any way limited in terms of the information they can disclose, which is why they are the best possible source for inside information on admissions.
If you check our website, you will see that we list the full name—both given and family name—of each and every one of our Former Admissions Officers. If you have a VPN, Google them! If you don’t, check their LinkedIn profiles! It has come to our attention that many companies, unfortunately, lie about having Former Admissions Officers on their team. If a company tells you they have Former Admissions Officers, we encourage you to check their website thoroughly, to read through their counselors’ biographies, and to then do the same Google or LinkedIn search. image00If you are still unsure, ask us! We will help you verify, honestly and openly, the credentials of anyone claiming or being marketed as a Former Admissions Officer by another company. It is in our interest, and in the interest of Chinese students seeking study abroad, to stamp out application fraud and bad advice. Anyone who would misrepresent or lie to you about the credentials of its own team is not worth trusting, especially for admissions mentorship.
InGenius Prep is an American company, founded at Yale, and operating around the world. Our leadership team and counselors have been educated at the most elite American universities. We offer an American-style approach, emphasizing independence and leadership, creative thinking and entrepreneurialism, diversity, and self-reflection. Though we do not superimpose these values onto our students, we want them to get familiar with American values, as they embark on their admissions journey to American universities.
We have the largest team of Former Admissions Officers from top schools in the world, not just in China. These are not just a “network” of people with whom we associate. These are members of our team, who are carefully vetted, selected, and trained in our cutting-edge and groundbreaking curriculum, and who work under the direct supervision of our Academic Directors. While other companies might have three or four Former Admissions Officers, we have over 100 counselors who participated in the admissions decision-making process.There are several reasons why having the largest team of Former Admissions Officers in the world from the best schools in the world is important: Unlike other companies who employ a few Former Admissions Officers, the size of our team enables us to minimize our student to Former Admission Officer ratio to below 5. Other companies who only have a few Former Admissions Officers promise almost every prospective client that these people will work with their children. This leads to situations where one Former Admissions Officer’s attention is spread over 80 or more students. That is not the type of individualized attention that a successful application demands. It has good marketing value, but poor educational value. By limiting the number of students our counselors work with, we ensure that each and every single one of our students gets maximal, personalized attention. Our students also have access to our collective knowledge base, built from the experience of over 100 Former Admissions Officers, all of whom are intimately familiar with the admissions processes at and preferences of their respective schools, and all of whom have read thousands of applications and decided whether students got accepted or rejected at those schools. Our students get direct access to school-specific information. Every school is different. Every Former Admissions Officer has blind spots. By having a team of over 100 Former Admissions Officers from every top 20 school, we eliminate these blind spots. When we hire our FAOs, we interview them extensively to learn about the admissions process at their schools, what they look for in students, what they dislike seeing in applications, best and worst applications they’ve read, how international applications are evaluated and processed, cases in which students with lower than average scores have been accepted, etc. All of this information goes into our database so that when our students work with us, they don’t just get access to their assigned FAO’s experience and knowledge; they benefit from the insights and experiences of FAOs from every single top 20 university in the United States.
We are not an agency. We are educators. Our team is made up of people who have dedicated their lives to education and helping students—counselors who worked in admissions for years, top graduates from the most competitive universities, teachers, and professional mentors. It is our goal to help students achieve their university goals, and also to become more accomplished, successful, educated, and happy people along the way. For us, it’s personal. We genuinely care for each and everyone of our students, even after they get into their schools. We want to support them throughout their educational journey and development and throughout their time in the United States. Every year, through partnerships like Teach for China and Teach for America, we work with several students pro-bono in order to increase educational access and support our mission.
During our extensive interview process, we heard from several of our Former Admissions Officers (and from current admissions officers), that hundreds of Chinese applications were getting thrown away every year because of forgery and an inability to trust the information in applications. Upon learning this, we knew we had to expand into China and to provide a high-quality, ethical service that American universities can trust. While other admissions consulting companies or agencies write entire applications for their students, it is against our company policy to suggest or edit more than a clause for a student.
We have a full-time statistician working to compile a one-of-a-kind database on admissions to top undergraduate and professional schools. Our database uses hundreds of variables, any of which may affect an applicant’s chances of success. Using this database, we are not only able to tell students what their chances of success are, but we can also give students objective advice on how they can improve their chances.
InGenius Prep has developed a customized and personalized academic mentorship program, in which students work one-on-one to conduct a tailor-made academic mentorship supervised by actual scholars, researchers and professors from top-30 U.S. universities. These teachers—professors, associate professors, lecturers, alumni experts, post-doctoral fellows, and Ph.D. candidates who teach courses at their universities—design individualized writing and research projects, courses, and guided studies to work on with each and every student.
99% of our students has been admitted to one of the schools on their target school list. Last cycle, we had more than 36 Ivy League caliber, which includes Stanford and MIT, international acceptances. However, the more important question to ask is what we specifically did to help students rather than just where they ended up. Our case studies detail the unique challenges that individual students faced and how our counselors overcame those challenges in innovative ways.
By conducting our services through Skype, WeChat, and FaceTime, our students gain access to our team of over 100 Former Admissions Officers and 75 Graduate Coaches from top-ranked universities, all from their very own home. We have found that our students and parents absolutely love the technology aspect of our service. They don’t have to sit in traffic to get to an office only to wait in line to speak to their counselor or make appointments weeks in advance; rather, they get personalized, efficient one-on-one or two-on-one attention, all from their very own computer. Your children are busy enough as it is! The internet also allows students to work with us over summers—which are crucial times for candidacy building™ and application counseling—when they travel, or from abroad if they attend boarding school, without missing a beat. We are literally at your fingertips whenever you want WeChat! In order to ensure there are no lapses in service, each student is assigned one of our Family Support Ambassadors (in addition to the two personal counselors–the Graduate Coach and the Former Admissions Officers). Our Family Support Ambassadors (FSAs) liaise with the family and ensure that the student is maturing and making progress according to our curriculum. These FSAs are highly trained educators that can help diagnose learning issues with students and develop to their fullest potential; they are bilingual and have a Master’s Degree in Education, typically. One of the reasons we have been able to build the largest, most qualified team of Former Admissions Officers and Graduate Coaches in the world is because they don’t all have to live in the same city. Our hiring efforts have not been limited by geography. Many Former Admissions Officers are pursuing higher education Ph.Ds or still live in cities like Palo Alto and New Haven, Cambridge and New York City, near the campuses at which they worked. This type of geographic diversity keeps our counselors close to universities and current on the most recent trends and updates. As a global company serving students in more than twenty countries, we believe in providing geographically diverse students access to the world’s best experts.
InGenius Prep boasts the lowest Student:Admissions Expert ratio in the world. To ensure that each and every one of our students gets the highest possible quality service, we carefully manage the capacity of our Former Admissions Officers and Graduate Coaches, and limit the number of students they work with at a given time. While other companies’ Former Admissions Officers work with 25+ (sometimes even 80+) students at a time, our Former Admissions Officers are limited to 5 students to ensure individualized, customized, and undivided attention and service. Our dedicated team puts students and families first, and is always available to work and help them.
We will absolutely not write essays for our students. It is against company policy to suggest or edit more than a clause for our students. While you may think that hiring someone to write your student’s essays will help or ease the stress placed on your student, it will actually hurt them…badly! This practice is immoral and contradicts the values and practices we stand for. It also usually leads to low quality, obviously forged applications that admissions officers spot and throw away shortly thereafter. According Tim Brunold, the Dean of Admission at the University of Southern California, in a recent CNN article, “the university uses various methods to gauge the ‘veracity and authenticity of student-submitted essays’ and any prospective student found to have cheated would be banned from admission, while current students would usually be expelled. He says fraudulent applications are identified ‘all the time’…and the concerns about falsified applications from China are ‘very real.” In fact, according to newsweek – and several other publications – in 2015 almost 8,000 Chinese students were expelled from US Colleges after it was found that their application materials contained false, fabricated, or fraudulent content. Fifteen of them even may face criminal penalties! Furthermore, this practice has contributed to the significant dropout rate of Chinese students at top-ranked universities. Students who engage in application fraud often struggle to keep up academically when they arrive on campus. The fact that Chinese students do not succeed academically in the US is a big issue that ethical admissions consulting helps tackle. Our Former Admissions Officers worked in the admissions office because they are passionate about education and helping students. They are true educators who take pride in their past experiences and positions. Writing essays for their students goes against their educational values and ethics, and, ultimately, hurts the students they are committed to helping. Our Graduate Coaches are current students or recent graduates from top professional schools, most of whom are very involved on campus and still deeply connected to their institutions. Fabricating applications and writing essays on students’ behalf contradicts their values, hurts the student, and also puts their schools’ reputations in jeopardy.
No! Not only is this practice unethical and against our educational values, but it is also an extremely poor admissions strategy. Make no mistake about it: a letter of recommendation from a paid educational consultant would be frowned upon in the admissions office and would actually hurt your application. Letters of recommendation are not tangible expressions of guan xi. Connections and relationships, political importance, family history, and wealth, absolutely do not help in a letter, especially when you have essentially purchased the letter. Gambling with ethical issues like this is a dangerous and unnecessary risk; it can only hurt a candidate. Any agency which promises benefits like this should not be trusted, and should certainly be dismissed as an “expert” because they are more interested in using dishonesty to make a “sale” than your child’s educational future. At InGenius Prep, we have developed a proprietary system for ensuring that our students’ Letters of Recommendation are stellar. We use our one-of-a-kind curriculum to train all of our counselors on how to identify the best possible recommenders, how to coach students to build the relationship and frame the ask, and how to create Letter of Recommendation Care Packages. We take all of the necessary steps, ahead of time, to make sure that our students receive letters that are compelling, speak to their academic and personal qualities, intimate, comparative, and superlative.
No. We work with all students, regardless of standardized test scores, GPA, university ambitions, and career goals. Our only requirements are that the student’s English is good enough to succeed in an American classroom, that the student and family have realistic expectations, and that our students work hard.   Only working with top students, or being selective about students we work with, directly contracts our company goal of increasing educational access. While other companies pad their admissions results by helping only the best students, we encourage families to look at what we actually did with our students—the process, the academic and personal growth, and yes, the results too. While we can stand toe-to-toe with anyone on results, we are most proud of how those results were achieved. At InGenius Prep, we are most proud of the cases in which we have helped students at the absolute bottom of their class get accepted to top 100 universities in the United States or students without any interests identify and pursue their passions.
No! For parents and younger students who are unable or just learning to speak English, we will assign a United States-educated, Chinese-speaking Family Support Ambassador so that there are no barriers between our company and our families. Your ambassador will manage the student-counselor work, ensure open communication, and send regular progress reports. For students in their 2nd semester of 11th grade, it’s important that their English be good enough to succeed in an American classroom. We want to work with students who can communicate with their counselors in English; inability to do so would mean that the student would not be able to participate or do well in an American classroom. It’s very important to us that our students succeed and are happy once they attend college or graduate school!
When families sign up to work with us, they will receive a Welcome Packet that fully outlines parental involvement, student expectations, the counseling process, and an introduction to their assigned Family Support Ambassador. This Ambassador is dedicated to ensuring open communication, maximum quality service, and the resolving of any conflicts that arise quickly. Upon signing up, your Family Service Ambassador will create two WeChat groups—one for the parents and Ambassador, and the second for the student, his or her counselors, and the Ambassador. Your Ambassador will send parents monthly progress reports, setup weekly office hours to answer questions immediately, be available via WeChat, email, and phone, and will coordinate the communication between parents and counselors if necessary. Applying and attending university in a foreign country is a big family decision that we respect and treat with the utmost compassion, care, and attention.
For younger students, yes! We have found that our students’ English skills improve dramatically by working directly with English-speaking Former Admissions Officers and Graduate Coaches. We also have several United States-educated, Chinese-speaking counselors and staff members who can translate and help our students adjust to working in English. Additionally, we have several tutors, partners, and professors in our network who specialize in teaching English and education. If necessary and/or helpful, we can connect them with our students.
We work with all types of students—the passionate and appropriately focused student, the passionate and unfocused student, the passionate and too focused student, the student with many interests but no passion, and the student without any interests at all. Believe it or not, most students, especially younger students in the beginning of high school, do not know what they are passionate about and don’t have specific or strong interests. We see this a lot! It is our job to help students identify their interests and ambitions, turn these into tangible accomplishments, and to then help them achieve impressiveness. This process is extremely different and highly customized for every student, but the goal is to find something that truly inspires the student – whatever it might be. To do this, we recommend that our students adopt an evolutionary and experimental attitude to their interests. We start them off small with simple ideas of things to try out like reading a book or article, watching a documentary on a given topic, visiting a museum or exhibit, joining a student group, or attending a lecture or class outside of school. The sole purpose of this exercise is to see if the student is interested in learning more. Every student of ours must pursue 2-4 interests. Focusing on only one is too narrow. Focusing on too many will prevent the student from having a shot at excellence and impressiveness in at least one. Many students feel a pressure that they have to commit early on to a particular field, become “passionate” about it, and invest in becoming an expert in it, even when they are unsure if they are going to like it or continue to like it. An evolutionary approach removes that pressure!
When students sign up with us, we send them a very comprehensive Student Intake Form to gather as much information about their academic and personal background and goals as possible. We use this information, along with what we gather during our consultations, to pair students with counselors who will be a good match for their university goals, interests, and personality. We find that students will produce their best work when working with counselors that they actually like! If students and families have specific requests, we do our best to accommodate them. That being said, we know our counselors’ background, experience, and personality best, and also carefully manage availability and student teacher ratio, so suggesting counselors is an inefficient process.
Do we guarantee that if our students do not get into any of their selected schools that we will provide a refund? Absolutely. Without hesitation. Thankfully, after working with more than a thousand students, we have never had to issue a refund. However, our policy is not the same as a “guarantee of admission”. In fact, any company guaranteeing that students will be admitted to one or several schools is an outright scam. In the U.S., these guarantees of admission are as preposterous to us as it would be to Chinese people if an American student were guaranteed admission to PKU or Tsinghua regardless of his/her gaokao score. Timothy Brunold, the University of Southern California’s Dean of Admission, says Chinese students need to understand that anyone promising admission to a specific American university is not offering a legitimate service. Weston Fillman, a former admissions officer at Harvard and counselor at InGenius Prep, stated that “I’ve seen hundreds of Chinese companies that ‘guarantee admission’ to U.S. schools, and without exception these companies were outright scams.” He continued: “what’s worse, if and when admissions offices discover that a student has worked with such a company – something which happens often due to the fact that these companies write essays for students which frequently have been used in previous years or even the same year – they will reject the student immediately without further consideration.” Several companies claim they can guarantee admission because of an advanced “algorithm” or dataset that they possess. If you hear those words, turn around and walk away. No such data or algorithm exists. In fact, what these companies possess is a publicly available dataset which includes only the GPA, SAT score, and hometown of applicants who are accepted to schools. According to InGenius Prep’s head statistician, Adam Adler – a graduate of Stanford and Yale Law School – algorithms centered on this data “are so simple that they possess almost no predictive value for an individual applicant.” Moreover, “anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics and programming could write such an algorithm in a matter of hours.” Indeed, according to Brian Lizzotte, a former vice-provost (vice-president) at Yale, InGenius Prep’s dataset is “the most sophisticated and extensive in the world.” This dataset includes more than 130 variables – everything from GPA and test scores to topics of the personal statement and city of origin – and tens of thousands of observations. Nonetheless, this dataset – and the algorithm built around it – is presently useful only to inform our curriculum and application strategies. By no means could this dataset be used to guarantee admission with any certainty. Other companies claim to guarantee admission because of “personal connections.” While this may seem normal to parents and families, these companies are the most obvious scams. Put simply: personal connections – especially the personal connections of an educational consultant – will not be of any help to your student or family. How do we know this? Because we have better connections to U.S. colleges and graduate schools than any company in China, and it would be impossible for us to use those connections to help our students get in. One of our co-founders had this to say: “For the last ten years my mother has helped run the alumni admissions network at a top Ivy League school. She has been nominated for the board of trustees three times. My father works in senior administration at another Ivy League school. Four members of my immediate family graduated from Cornell and Harvard Medical School. Five if you include my grandparents. When I applied to law school, one of my recommenders – a family friend – was the former Chief Academic Officer at the Harvard teaching hospitals. I can say, without question, that these connections were of no use to me. In fact, schools told me directly that they would be of no use to me. If a company tells you that they have ‘personal connections’ what they really mean is that their service is garbage, and they can only get you to sign up by lying to your face.” One final note: although “personal connections” will not help you get admitted, professional connections may. Not personal connections of your admissions consultant, but your student’s own professional connections. We have found that students who have received a letter of recommendation from professors whom they have worked with tend to fare better in the admissions process at that professor’s school. The reason is simple: a letter from a professor whom you’ve worked with tells admissions officers that the student can succeed at that college, without question. After all, succeeding at the school typically means impressing professors, right? Long story short: don’t be foolish. You might feel more secure with a “guarantee” – but really you are just playing into the hands of, at best, someone who is trying to hide their poor quality services, and at worst, a scam artist. Remember: guaranteeing admission to U.S. Schools is just as ridiculous as guaranteeing admission to Chinese Universities.
We use a team approach to counseling students on how to build their candidacy for and applications to US universities. When students sign up for our Application Counseling services, they will be assigned an admissions team, comprised of a Former Admissions Officer and a Graduate Coach. This means that our students benefit from the insights and experiences of two counselors, who have different skills and strengths, not one. By working directly with Former Admissions Officers, our students get insight into admissions processes and decisions at top US universities. Our Former Admissions Officers specialize in developing the high level strategy of our students’ applications. Using their admissions experience and what they learned from reading and evaluating thousands of applications, they help our students strategically create their application persona™—or central theme to their application—identify strengths and weaknesses and how to address them in different application components, tailor their application to specific schools, oversee the creation of all application materials, and perform a Final Review on every application to make sure that it cannot be further improved. By working with a Graduate Coach—a current student or recent graduate from a top professional school—you get to work with someone who has succeeded through at least two application cycles. Not only has this person applied and been accepted to a competitive undergraduate program, but this person has also succeeded in the competitive application process to top graduate schools. Our Graduate Coaches, who are carefully vetted, tested, and put through our rigorous curriculum, are trained writers and editors; they are not college students who have yet to be tested and who most likely have no idea why they got accepted to a competitive college. Our Graduate Coaches are responsible for carrying out the strategy set forth by the Former Admissions Officer and specialize in editing all application components—personal statements, supplemental essays, resumes—until they are absolutely perfect. As graduates of top undergraduate programs and current or recent graduates of top professional schools—business schools, law schools, masters programs, Ph.D. programs, etc.—our Graduate Coaches also bring a unique perspective to bear. They know, from experience, what it is like to attend the top schools in the US—what the classes, professors, campus, culture, food, dorms, and students are actually like—and can provide our students with up-to-date information on the landscape at different schools. By working with a Former Admissions Officer and a Graduate Coach, our students get the best of both worlds, and we ensure that there are no gaps in our counseling techniques and approach.
A study using data from the Overseas-Returned Graduate Recruitment Report and university statistics recently came out stating that 1 in every 4 Chinese students drops out of Ivy League universities to return home for jobs. The style of teaching at US colleges is very different from most high schools, which can disorient newcomers. Many students who were once at or near the top of their class in high school find themselves in their new environment, surrounded by equally talented and hard working students, at the middle or bottom of their college class. The level of independence thrust upon college freshmen – both in and out of the classroom – often poses a significant challenge to new students, away from home and without their familiar surroundings and support network. These trouble statistics inspired us to create our Freshman Year Support add-on service, which seeks to minimize these challenges for your child and to help them get started on the right foot as they launch their college career. One of the reasons we are able to do this so effectively is because, as an American company with an office in New Haven, Connecticut, we are on the ground with easy access to US schools. In this program, we will pair your child with a Graduate Coach and a Chinese Mentor, who is a graduate of a top US university. Together, they will help students select majors, pick courses, build and strengthen study skills, identify tutors, apply to in-school programs and size-restricted courses, enrich their extracurricular activities, write resumes and cover letters, plan school breaks, and manage final exam time. It’s extremely important to us that we help students get accepted to the best possible universities for them, and equally as importantly, that they succeed and are happy when they get there.
The earlier the better! When students come to us right before it is time to apply to college or graduate school, there is only so much we can do with the experiences, credentials, and academic profile given to us. We can certainly help these students strategize and craft as compelling of applications as possible, but we are given experiences and data points that cannot be altered. When students come to us early in their high school careers, we pair them one-on-one with a Former Admissions Officer to help them develop as applicants, students, and people throughout high school. In our Candidacy Building™ Program, we work with students to avoid mistakes—taking the right classes, avoiding the wrong classes, preparing and taking the right standardized tests at the right time, ensuring early and frequent exposure to American English and American culture, etc—codify their interests (or turn their hobbies and passions into tangible experiences and achievements), and attain impressiveness. Using our extensive network of university professors, scholars, and researchers, students who work with us early in their academic careers have the ability to partake in our Academic Mentorship Program. We have developed a customized and personalized Academic Mentorship program, in which students work one-on-one to conduct a tailor-made academic mentorship supervised by actual scholars, researchers and professors from top-30 U.S. universities. If students genuinely impress their mentors, they might even be willing to write a Letter of Recommendation on the students’ behalf to be submitted with their college or graduate school application, or invite them to pursue further academic work or research! It takes A LOT of hard work, strategy, determination, and self-reflection to get into the school of your dreams. At InGenius Prep, we are here, every step of the way, to help you get there.