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What is an InGenius Prep Campus Ambassador?

InGenius Prep Campus Ambassadors help brainstorm and execute innovative ways to introduce their fellow students to InGenius Prep and the admissions processes for college and professional schools.

By spreading insider admissions tips and advice from our former admissions committee members around campus, our campus ambassadors will help change the way people think about admissions and increase access to higher education. Read more to find out more about our program and our ideal campus ambassador.

What does an InGenius Prep campus ambassador do?

They promote InGenius Prep on campus by spreading the word about InGenius Prep's unique approach to admissions counseling and seeking out opportunities to engage fellow students and student groups about getting a head-start on building their candidacies for college and/or professional school. Although InGenius Prep Campus Ambassadors are compensated, the Campus Ambassador program is a terrific opportunity for students to learn about grassroots marketing outside of a classroom setting. We welcome all high school and college students to apply!

What Kinds of Students Are We Looking For?

  • 1
    Must be a full-time student at least 15 years of age. The ideal candidate will be a Sophomore or Junior with connections across campus in social, athletic, academic, and other extra-curricular organizations
  • 2
    Must be responsible, entrepreneurial, outgoing, and organized. InGenius Prep Campus Ambassadors are given a considerable degree of autonomy and trusted to work very well with limited supervision.
  • 3
    Must have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and access to a computer/laptop with a web camera and high-speed internet. Access to a smart phone is preferred.
  • 4
    Should be interested in higher education and attending professional school.

What do I get out of this?

As a Campus Ambassador, you will earn a percentage of profits for every student that you sign up for InGenius Prep services.

On top of the money, you will gain invaluable experience marketing and entrepreneurial experience as well that will look great on your resume. And to top all of that off, you’ll have insider access to InGenius Prep services at cost if you are interested in building your candidacy and perfecting your own application!