Medical School Application Organizer

This handy organizer will help you keep track of your application process


If you’re applying to medical school, you’re probably applying to more than 20 schools.

To help you organize all of the different components of your many applications, we created an application organizer...just for you.

Download this fillable worksheet to get...and stay....organized today!

Jean Webb
Admissions Expert, InGenius Prep
Former Director of Admissions, Yale Law School

For 17 years, Jean was the Director of Admissions at Yale Law School. As a senior member of the Admissions team, her duties included all aspects of admissions: management, planning, strategy, file-reading, and pre- and post-admission recruitment. Her commitment to the Law School expressed itself first and foremost through a dedication to serving well all the people who encountered their office – whether applicant, pre-law advisor, admitted student, or faculty member. She particularly enjoyed talking with applicants about discerning what path was right for them.

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